The Insanity
Hello~! Welcome to my blog~! About Me: My name is Crystal and I'm 18. Race: Mexican.Religion: Roman Catholic. Orientation: Heterosexual/Heteromantic. Political Affiliation: Feminist. About This Blog: I do upload both Homestuck and Hetalia as well a few other things. This blog is NSFW, but I will post a warning before I post all of the NSFW stuff. Feel free to ask me anything you wish or leave anything for that matter.
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To the anon that gave me olive blood and a dragon fly lusus.  I love you and send me another ask so I can kiss you because I really love dragon flies and olive bloods. 

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    aw yeh i do lil lady. i hope you start to feel so flustered you turn into a little red cherry.
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    You admire me? Aww! I feel so flattered. >/////